Joanna’s Therapeutic Approach

Joanna’s therapeutic approach is gentle, compassionate and empathic. It centers on open communication and the creation of a strong therapeutic connection. In her work, Joanna applies valuable psychotherapeutic theories, principles and interventions and guides her clients toward self-discovery. She does this by facilitating meaningful dialogue and exploration in sessions. Subsequently, her clients achieve greater control over their lives, relief from emotional distress and improved self-esteem.

Joanna is empathic, interactive and responsive to the needs of her clients. She is genuinely interested in understanding her clients’ thoughts, feelings and experiences. Her use of empathy helps her to better understand her clients’ inner experiences and as a result, better conceptualize their emotional needs. In this way, she responds to her clients in ways that attend to the underlying origins of their concerns. Her empathic style also assists her clients in gaining self-awareness which leads to improved emotional health and personal transformation.

Joanna ensures the creation of a strong collaborative therapeutic relationship by providing this empathic and supportive environment where clients can talk openly and confidentially about their innermost feelings and concerns. This secure therapeutic connection is essential to the work of therapy, and is a healing factor in and of itself. Clients benefit from the powerful experience of being understood and accepted. The therapeutic bond offers her clients the conditions and opportunity to have significant reparative experiences within the context of a safe and stable relationship.

In addition, Joanna’s therapeutic orientation and work is informed by important psychotherapeutic theories and principles (i.e. psychoanalytic, relational). This helps her clients recognize unmet developmental needs, suppressed feelings and ineffective patterns of coping. She also assists her clients in understanding the ways that past experiences inform their current personal difficulties. This new knowledge leads clients to realize new, more satisfying ways for meeting their emotional needs, solving problems, coping with life’s challenges, and living. They also learn how to treat themselves with more love and fairness as well as the value of attending to their own needs and emotions.

Please feel free to contact Joanna if you would like further information about her therapeutic approach, orientation or style.